Advantages of Commercial Prep Fridge

Commercial prep fridges are necessary for any commercial kitchen or catering operation. They serve as the operational core for preparing and serving specialties such as pizzas, salads, and sandwiches, among others. It is crucial to select high-quality commercial fridges with worktops that meet your needs. The numerous alternatives offer numerous advantages and can be of great assistance in accelerating the entire cooking and serving process, hence lowering client wait times.

Typically, these commercial prep fridges have a work area for preparing and organizing food as well as chilled storage space for holding supplies. This is an ideal, compact option for a variety of commercial kitchen requirements.

What Are The Advantages of Commercial Prep Fridges?

A workplace with organized, refrigerated storage

It would be helpful to have a designated area in the kitchen for food arrangements. It is possible that any tables will not suffice. A chopping/cutting surface that is hard enough to prevent knife scratches and roomy enough to work on is necessary. The tabletop must be suitable for dough spreading and kneading for specific recipes. In conclusion, you require a workplace that supports your needs, and an Atosa prep fridge is here to provide you with exactly that.

Atosa Pizza Prep Table 3 Door Refrigerator 804L - MPF8203

Freshness guaranteed

In food and catering companies, the food's freshness is a major consideration. Without suitable commercial prep fridges, preserving the flavour of fresh food can be challenging. Unlike the curved glass cake displays, which serve to maintain the freshness of the final product while on display, these commercial prep fridges are great for keeping raw materials, ready meals, and food in any in-between phases fresh without sacrificing flavour.

Operational productivity

Modern commercial prep fridges are designed to increase operating efficiency. They are able to contain all the necessary ingredients, including sauces, doughs, meats, and raw ingredients, in one location. Well-equipped commercial prep fridges provide an ideal workspace and ensure that everything is accessible within the same compact area.

Things to consider when getting a commercial prep fridge

Sandwich / Salad Tables or Pizza Tables?

Pizza prep tables are used for making pizza, but sandwich and salad prep tables are used for making sandwiches and salads. Most sandwich prep tables come with shallow cutting boards made for sub and sandwich bread, and most are set up to hold 1/6-size food pans in the top storage area. Pizza prep tables have a cutting board area that is deeper, a raised pan rail, and a space on top for storing 1/3-size food pans.

What’s the ideal size for me?

It's important to choose the right size for a commercial prep fridge because it has to fit where you want to put it. Each size has its own pros and cons. Smaller tables are better for businesses with limited space because they take up less room, but they also have less storage space inside. Larger tables, on the other hand, are harder to find a good spot for, but they have a lot of space inside.

Doors or Drawers?

The second thing you should think about is whether or not you want a commercial prep fridge with drawers, doors, or both. No matter which one you choose, there is a pan rail on top of both that is meant to hold food pans. Many units have a solid lid on top of the pan rail, while others have a clear glass lid. This makes them perfect for places that make sandwiches to order in front of customers.

Units with doors have a refrigeration cavity that is very similar to reach-in equipment, which is measured in cubic feet and has shelves that can hold a wide range of foods.

On the other hand, units with drawers usually have less refrigeration space, but each drawer is set up to hold food pans filled with ingredients, making them easier to get to when it's time to switch out empty pans from the top storage area.

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