Floral Fridge Buying Guide

Floral Fridge Buying Guide

Floral fridges are a crucial piece of equipment for florists and floral sections in supermarkets and other retail outlets since keeping cut flowers cool can help them last longer. Floral fridges are a specific sort of glass door merchandiser designed to keep cut flowers and arrangements fresh, appealing, and prominently displayed.

Floral vs. Foodservice Fridges

It's critical to double-check that the fridges you're looking at are actually floral fridges while shopping for floral supplies. While the distinctions between a floral fridge and a commercial refrigerator may not be immediately apparent, they can mean the difference between vibrantly colored flowers and discolored, brittle flowers.

The temperatures that the two fridge types are meant to hold are the first major distinction between them. Most food service freezers have a temperature range of 0 to 5 C, but delicate flowers cannot endure temperature changes of even five degrees. Floral fridges have enormous and balanced refrigeration systems that help keep the temperature consistent, even when the doors are opened to gather products. Most flowers, with the exception of tropical plants and some bulb blooms, thrive in temperatures between +5°C to +14°C. A food service refrigerator may maintain a temperature below or beyond that range, shortening the life of your goods.

Please note that flower fridges are not suitable for food storage due to health regulations and excessive humidity levels.


Floral fridges come in a variety of widths and portions, ranging from 25 to 78 inches. Keep in consideration not only how much space you have to commit to the fridge, but also how many flowers you will need to store at once when deciding which size fridge will work best for you. Floral arrangements can take up a lot of space, so be sure you have enough area to store everything you'll need without overcrowding the space and risk crushing the flowers. However, you do not want to get a unit that is considered too large, since this would result in you paying far more in energy expenditures than is necessary.

Consider how many shelves come standard with each area and how many increments those shelves may be altered in when deciding on floral fridge sizes. Flower and arrangement heights will play a big influence in determining how many shelves you can utilize, but having the correct number to design the fridge to your individual needs can help you make the most of your area.


After you've decided on a size, you may move on to choosing the proper type of doors, as the size of the unit will influence the types of doors available. Only hinged doors are allowed on single-section fridges, while hinged or sliding doors are allowed on fridges with two or more sections. Self-closing doors are available for both types of doors, which can be quite convenient and, in some situations, even preserve your product.

Swinging doors are the most frequent and, in many cases, a more cost-effective initial investment than sliding doors. Sliding doors, on the other hand, can sometimes be opened only partially to access objects, but swinging doors must nearly always be fully opened to receive items. This can result in additional cool air loss and make the compressor work harder to recover temperatures rapidly. If your fridge will be placed behind a counter or in a narrow passageway, keep in mind that swing-out doors take up more space when opened.

Special Features

When looking for floral supplies to help your business succeed, it's a good idea to seek for particular characteristics that can aid with merchandising or product keeping. When comparing available models, take in mind that floral fridges offer some of these capabilities. If staying green and conserving energy is important to you, flower fridges with low-emissivity glass are available. There are also ENERGY STAR flower fridges on the market, which have been certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to fulfil their high energy-efficiency criteria.

Most floral fridges have inside lighting to assist you in effectively merchandise your products. Some companies sell LED lights, which have a brighter appearance while also being more energy-efficient. To allow for 360-degree merchandising, certain models have glass sides on all four sides. Others have an inside cabinet with a mirrored back wall. There are also locking doors available to assist you to protect your product. Some variants include LED sign panels, allowing you to promote your flowers with pre-made or personalized signage.

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