Guide to Commercial Display Fridges

Guide to Commercial Display Fridges

Filling a display fridge with chilled food and drinks is a terrific method to show off your products. It not only keeps the contents at the ideal serving temperature, but it can also inspire impulse purchases, which can help you increase sales. It's a quick and easy way for cafés, bars, canteens, and takeout to sell everything from alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to sandwiches, cakes, and desserts.

A commercial display fridge will be a significant feature of your front-of-house display, so it must be both stylish and reliable, as well as simple to maintain. Customers must be able to get their things quickly, and workers must be able to restock the fridge with the least amount of disruption possible. This guide will assist you in determining which display refrigerators will best meet your needs.

Types of Display Fridge

Commercial Bar Fridge

A commercial bar fridge, often known as a beer fridge, is ideal for showcasing your whole selection of canned or bottled beverages. In bars, pubs, and clubs, quick customer service is critical, therefore having these chilled beverages within easy reach is also critical.

Many licensed establishments prefer the compact space-saving design of an under-counter bar fridge. If you need to preserve a room in a small bar area, these can have regular hinged doors or sliding doors. Interior lighting, especially in dark clubs or bars, will showcase your drinks and draw attention to them. An upright back bar fridge will provide even more storage capacity if you have an additional room available.

If you're seeking to buy a glass front bar fridge, capacity and accessibility are two important factors to consider. Appearance and efficiency are also crucial, especially if you have many refrigerators to manage. Polar Refrigeration, Skope, and Williams are some of the most well-known beer fridge makers.

Commercial Wine Fridge

A wine cooler resembles a beverages refrigerator at first glance. They are, nevertheless, very different on the inside. Specially built racks in a wine fridge will keep bottles safe and secure. Wooden shelves will be used in some top models for added robustness and to protect the bottles and labels from damage.

Because different wines necessitate varied storage conditions, a commercial wine chiller must have a wide temperature range that is simple to monitor and manage. Whether you're serving red, white, or sparkling wine, setting the temperature in your wine fridge to the right level can bring out the greatest flavours in your bottles. We offer a variety of sizes and styles of some of the most popular wine coolers on the market.

Refrigerated Merchandiser

There are many different types of refrigerated merchandisers to select from, but they all serve the same purpose: to present your products in the best possible light and increase impulse purchases. These merchandisers can range in size from a small glass door micro fridge to a huge countertop display fridge in our commercial display fridge collection.

Merchandisers are designed for front-of-house displays. Due to their size and layout, these units are frequently positioned for added service. Countertop variants are ideal for displaying desserts or cakes, while upright glass door fridges provide more capacity and shelf space.

With so many options, the most important consideration should be the application or function. 

Refrigerated Servery

Any display fridge that aids in the preparation and presentation of cold food is referred to as servery refrigeration. These can be utilized for buffet service in the front of the house or as a tapas display fridge, as well as a prep fridge for rapid access to ingredients when making pizza, salads, or sandwiches.

These countertop display fridges normally include easy access to multiple gastronorm pans, allowing for quick and easy replacement of ingredients or contents. Drop-in fridges, which slot into a bench and give an elegant self-service buffet solution, are also available in this category.

Which Display Fridge do I need?

The versatility of display refrigerators is astounding. With so many options, this table provides a quick summary of the key duties that each display fridge can handle.

Bar Fridge

Wine Chiller

Refrigerated Merchandiser

Refrigerated Servery

Chilled Food

Chilled Drinks


Ambient Food and Drinks


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