How to Size an Ice Machine

How to Size an Ice Machine

What are the different sizes of ice machines?

The size of an ice machine is determined by the amount of ice it can create in a 24-hour period. This is referred to as the ice machine's "24-hour yield" or "ice yield." The amount of ice produced by different types of ice machines varies. Modest under counter or countertop machines can produce as little as 23 kgs of ice in 24 hours, which is plenty for a small beverage station in an office. Large 48" wide modular systems, on the other hand, may create up to 1542 kgs of ice per day per machine.

Sizing Your New Commercial Ice Machine

Once you've decided on the type of ice machine you need and the type of ice you want, you'll need to choose one with the appropriate capacity.

  • For new businesses: Make sure your projections account for expansion, or you may For replacement ice machines: Has your present ice machine been able to keep up with the demand? If not, you'll have to figure out how much capacity you were missing and account for it in your estimates.
  • For everyone: Ice consumption during peak hours, as well as the prospect of future demand growth, should be considered. It's always preferable to have additional ice on hand than to rely on a machine that can't keep up with your demands.

How Much Ice Do I Need?

The average restaurant uses 680 gm. of ice for each meal served. A restaurant that serves 250 guests per day, for example, will need about 204 kgs of ice each day. A hospital consumes roughly 4.5 kgs of ice for each patient at the same time, thus for 250 patients, you could need about 1360 kgs. of ice per day.

Are you just getting started? Are you unsure what size machine you require? Various applications necessitate varying amounts of ice. A huge hotel will not benefit from the best ice machines for bar use. Use the calculators below to estimate how much ice you'll need.

  • Restaurant: 680 gm. of ice per meal sold
  • Cocktail Bar: 1.3 kgs. of ice per seat
  • Water Glasses: 177 ml. ice per 354 ml glass
  • Salad Bar: 16 kgs. of ice per cubic foot
  • Hotel Guest Ice: 2 kgs. per hotel room
  • Hotel Catering: 453 gm. per customer
  • Patient Ice: 4.5 kgs of ice per patient
  • Cafeteria: 453 gm. of ice per person

Why Should I Use Multiple Ice Makers?

Labour savings and reduced downtime are two of the most compelling reasons to employ numerous ice machines. It may appear to be more convenient to get all of your ice from a single huge machine and bin, but this is usually inefficient.

  • Your workers will be continually rushing back and forth from the ice bin to soda machines, underbar ice chests, and salad bars if you only have one huge machine. This will take longer and increase the likelihood of cross-contamination. Instead, think about putting a few smaller machines where you need them.
  • If downtime is a major problem, use multiple machines. You can have multiple ice makers to ensure that you always have ice when you need it. You won't be able to manufacture ice until one of the larger machines breaks down, but if you utilize numerous smaller machines, you'll be able to make ice even if one breaks down.

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