Is your bar or restaurant equipped with a commercial ice machine? This is something you should read.

Is your bar or restaurant equipped with a commercial ice machine? This is something you should read.

We wanted to address one of the most crucial tasks on one of the most important pieces of equipment that frequently gets forgotten when it comes to the foodservice business: industrial ice machine maintenance and repair.

About Ice Machines

Owning and maintaining ice machines is rarely the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about owning or running a restaurant or bar.

Regardless of how insignificant ice may appear, it is something that practically every restaurant (and bar) must have on hand at all times, and in large quantities.

When the ice machine is turned off, the beverages warm up; when the drinks warm up, your clients may be dissatisfied, which is something no business, especially in the foodservice industry, wants.

Even worse, if your ice machine is dirty or malfunctioning, you don't want your customers to be the ones to inform you that your ice is dirty or tastes poor.

Ice Is Food, Too

When it comes to health and safety regulations in the bar and restaurant business, the FDA argues that ice is food as well, and that it should be treated as such.

As a result, the ice-making equipment must be kept clean and in good working order to ensure that you comply with the law.

Ice Machine Preventative Maintenance

Not that you don't have enough on your plate as a restaurant or bar owner, but perhaps you can understand how crucial it is to have a well functioning ice machine for the quality of your product.

As a result, there are a number of things you can do to keep your ice clean and stocked, beginning with a preventative maintenance plan with a commercial refrigeration provider in Australia.

Cleaning and sanitizing the water system, replacing water (and occasionally air) filters, inspecting all of the gears and other moving parts that control breaking the ice, and cleaning the exterior of the machine to keep external grease and dirt from entering the machine are all examples of preventative maintenance.

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