Huxford's BMH range have the lowest energy consumption in their class in Australia. Therefore Huxford owners pay significantly less for electricity! BMH range was designed from the ground up to be energy efficient. We have favored more expensive, higher quality components knowing that this will reduce the total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a Huxford cabinet.

The BMH Series refrigerators not only give exceptional energy performance levels but can also maintain food safe product temperature in ambient conditions up to 40°C. Every Huxford BMH carries Greenway Plus certification.

$4,306.50 $3,239.09 + GST
SAVE $743.50

Huxford ECO Commercial Fridge 595 Ltr - BMH20

$5,335.00 $4,108.55 + GST
SAVE $815.59

Huxford 2 Door Eco-Friendly Commercial Fridge - BMH30

$7,034.50 $4,999.00 + GST
SAVE $1,535.60

Huxford 3 Door Eco-Friendly Commercial Fridge - BMH45

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