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Fridge / Freezer units are a combined unit which compromises of a fridge and a freezer, each separate to ensure they serve their intended purposes! They are typically upright units and are available in many different styles and features can vary greatly.

Perhaps more than any other appliance you may buy for your kitchen, what type of fridge you choose is about achieving a balance between space and need. You want the space in your fridge to comfortably accommodate plenty of items so that you can buy in bulk each week to keep your costs down. You also should also allow for a little extra space so that leftovers can be safely stored to avoid wastage.

However, accommodating a large fridge may not be as easy as you think. To add an extra difficulty, you need to think about how your food storage is typically distributed between fridge and freezer. Freezer units are useful for bulk-buying, but this may depend on the type of food you serve.

Commercial Fridge / Freezer units come with a variety of added extras. Some act as flexible solutions, having adjustable shelving and door racks so you can comfortably accommodate items of varying size. While others are practical, having LCD displays showing the fridge temperature and alarms which provide an alert tone when the fridge has accidentally been left open. Other extra features include shelves made from antibacterial materials which are easy to wipe clean, making sure conditions in your fridge remain sanitary.

Our wide selection of sizes and styles helps ensure you will find what you need when you browse our online inventory.  It is not easy to choose new restaurant equipment, but we are here to help with that. 

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Austune K Series 2 Doors Dual Temp Fridge Freezer - KRF45-2

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