How Frequently Should a Commercial Ice Machine Be Cleaned?

How Frequently Should a Commercial Ice Machine Be Cleaned?

How to Keep Your Ice Clean

You know how expensive commercial kitchen equipment can be if you own a business that uses it. Ice machines are one of those pricey pieces of equipment. As a result, you should look after them to ensure that they live as long as possible. The frequency with which a business ice machine must be cleaned is a common notion that crosses a commercial ice machine owner's mind. You could also wonder why cleaning them is necessary; after all, they only contain water and ice, right? Wrong; even if your machine is only running on ice and water, there is still a risk of contamination. You could get in trouble with health inspectors if you have contaminated ice. Ice is classified as food by the FDA. One bad piece of ice can spoil the whole batch, and failing to follow FDA requirements during health inspections might result in a large fine.

Clean Twice a Year – Every 6 Months

The simple answer is that you should clean your commercial ice machine at least once every six months. It may, however, require comprehensive cleaning every three months, depending on the type of ice machine and its position. It is vital to clean all aspects of your ice machine, including the inside, exterior, compressor, and storage bin. To clean your ice machine, first, remove all of the ice, turn it off, and then clean it using the right commercial ice machine cleaner and sanitizer. Commercial ice machine cleaning can be done with specialist cleansers that can be purchased. Cleaning and sanitizing all sections of your ice machine ensures that you provide clean ice cubes to your consumers for the following six months until your next cleaning. Regularly cleaning and disinfecting your ice maker, as well as all of its nooks and crannies, can save you time, money, and aggravation in the long run.

Water Filters

Replace the water filter(s) when you clean and disinfect your ice machine to ensure that the ice is made with fresh water. Changing the filter(s) is another approach to ensure that your customers are receiving high-quality, bacteria-free ice.

Regular Ice Machine Checks

Cleanliness requirements are critical, as is knowing the correct cleaner mixture to use and the schedule to adhere to for all ice machine components. 

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