Chewblet Ice Makers | Soft, Chewy, Perfect Every Time

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Follett Maestro Micro Chewblet Ice Machine - UME425A80-PD Description The UME425A80-PD is a self-contained under-counter ice maker with an integrated drain pump that gives the possibility to install the device in a place where draining installation is not available. The device can pump...

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Follett 7 Series Countertop Ice & Water Dispenser - E7CI100A


Follett 7 Series Countertop Ice & Water Dispenser - E7CI100A The Follet E7CI100A produces 54.4kg of ice, has a storage capacity of up to 3.2kg, and a 371mm wide x 562mm deep x 447mm high dimension.  Features Compact size, only 44.8...

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Follet Maestro Ice Machine MFE425ABT Description Follett modular flake ice machines offer the right ice for a broad range of healthcare and food service applications as well as exceptional reliability for long equipment life. The Follett Maestro MFE425ABT produces up to...

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Chewblet Ice Makers

Chewblet Ice Makers are designed to cool down drinks faster or keep your seafood display chilled to the perfect temperature.

Chewblet Ice Makers ice is a soft, chewable type of ice that is popular in sugary drinks like sodas and slushes. The ice absorbs sweet drinks, so customers are left with a sugary snack after finishing their drink. Many people also enjoy chewing on ice, and Chewblet Ice Makers allows customers to do that without damaging teeth.