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About us

Whether you are a restaurant, café, deli, hotel, age care, medical facility or a convenient store we have the best equipment to meet your needs.

We offer the option of local pick-up/collection for some items if arranged prior. Also, some items can be inspected prior to buying. If you have any questions contact us on our number: 1300 885 693 or email us at info@ozcoolers.com.au

More information can be found at FAQs.

So – Why Us?
 Purchase without Financial Constraints 
Businesses can enjoy the full range of features commercial refrigeration without being burdened by financial limitations, thanks to the accessible financing options available.
 Minimising Food Waste 
Our fridges are designed to reduce food waste, helping businesses optimise their inventory.
 Perfectly Chilled Drinks 
Our fridges provide precise cooling capabilities, allowing businesses to serve beverages at the ideal temperature, and enhancing customer satisfaction.
 Environmentally Friendly Cooling 
By using natural refrigerants with no toxicity, no ozone-depleting potential, and virtually zero impact on global warming, our fridges contribute to a greener and more sustainable environment.
 Dedicated Customer Support
Our friendly and knowledgeable customer consultants provide professional advice and technical assistance to customers any time of the day. 
 Manufacturer's Warranty
All our products come with a minimum of 12 months manufacturer's warranty, some with 5 years. All our suppliers provide nationwide coverage for warranty and servicing. You have peace of mind when using our products. 
 Super Fast Delivery
We have utilized several shipping companies to make sure you get the delivery fast, as we know you need your items quickly. We have highly invested in our staff to make sure all orders processed within 2 hours. Our reliable and professional delivery will make sure you'll get the delivery safe and fast wherever you are in Australia. Our shipping prices are low but if you feel that your shipping quoted rate seems high, please contact us for a better quote. 
 Secure Payments
SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security ensures that all data passed between the web server and browsers remain private and confidential. Your private information is secure with us.  

Transforming Your Business with Our Commercial Fridges: Minimize Food Waste, Perfectly Chilled Drinks and Sustainable Cooling with Flexible Finance Options