Open Face Refrigerated Display Cabinets

The Open Face Refrigerated Display Cabinets are designed for displaying products with great Interior lighting and are suitable for merchandising dairy products, drink bottles, cans, fruit drinks, beer etc. This will increase your sales with easier product displays for your clients to view and fulfill the display and storage requirements of establishments such as supermarkets, bottle stores, bars, restaurants, modern convenience stores, petrol stations, cafés and more. We offer the only solution for storing perishable produce for long periods of time. We stock the most practical and robust models of open ace display refrigeration available on the market, ensuring that your business food or beverage produce is stored at the perfect temperature, all the time.
$4,609.00 $3,599.09 + GST
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Bromic Impulse 330L Open Display - GEMMA30

$4,573.80 Sold Out
SAVE $457.38

Huxford Open Deck Refrigerator - OD600

$9,229.00 $7,650.00 + GST
SAVE $814.00

Bromic ECO 1330L LED Open Display - VISION1200

$10,769.00 $8,865.00 + GST
SAVE $1,017.50

Bromic ECO 1913L LED Open Display - VISION1800

$14,850.00 $12,150.00 + GST
SAVE $1,485.00

Bromic ECO 2555L LED Open Display - VISION2400

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