Liebherr Refrigeration

Liebherr is the worldwide leader in premium refrigeration. With over 60 years of experience in cooling the German manufacturer sets the pace with continuous product innovation and a proactive approach to responsible manufacturing. 

In 1949 Hans Liebherr founded the now internationally successful Group in Kirchdorf an der Iller, Baden-Württemberg. This explains the reason why the Liebherr companies are located primarily in Southern Germany. Throughout Germany, a total of 16 companies develop and manufacture high-quality products that are exported throughout the whole world. Liebherr has been committed to producing high-quality refrigerators and freezers for more than 60 years. The quality of their appliances forms a very solid foundation for the great trust that customers place in the Liebherr brand. Liebherr's production site workers constantly strive to further develop and optimize all components and materials used in their appliances.

Why choose Liebherr products? Liebherr can store your food under the best conditions. since Liebherr fridges are revered around the world, we’ve specially engineered the Asia Pacific units to operate perfectly in hot and humid conditions. This means when you combine the smart technology, superior craftsmanship, and location-specific features of our fridges, you’ll be able to confidently stock them full – knowing each item will be perfectly stored to maintain its freshness and flavour to the maximum.

Our Liebherr commercial fridges are able to maintain a set temperature, despite frequent opening, through our quick defrosting cycle we also offer ‘tropicalised’ units for warmer, humid climates. This means that no matter how vast the temperature is from the interior to the exterior, your food will be maintained at the ideal temperature for optimum storage. Liebherr fridges are designed and built to withstand everyday use from the most demanding businesses. The repeated opening and closing of doors, drawers and compartments doesn’t affect our products – which are built with unsurpassed craftsmanship. Every Liebherr product combines the elegance of design with a reliable quality that withstands harsh wear and tear – and the test of time.

Here at OzCoolers, we offer a wide range of Liebherr commercial fridges and freezers. We have the perfect freshness solution for almost everyone with its freestanding, under-worktop or built-in range of refrigerators, freezers, and fridge-freezers. Refrigeration and freezing equipment from Liebherr has had the mark of quality, reliability, and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high-quality materials, their equipment is particularly convenient and energy-efficient.  



Quality Products

To ensure product reliability, Liebherr uses only the highest quality materials and components to produce its appliances. Even during the manufacturing process, every appliance undergoes extensive testing to ensure perfect quality and functionality. Thanks to our continuous product development and to the optimisation of all our components and processes down to the finest of details, we can confidently guarantee Liebherr's renowned quality.


Test-approved materials

As a manufacturer of premium appliances, Liebherr requires its components and appliances to meet the very highest standards. It's no coincidence that Liebherr refrigerators and freezers impress customers worldwide with their long service lives and, to make sure this continues, all appliance components undergo extreme stress-load testing. This way, they can confidently safeguard product quality and fully meet the customers' demands and expectations in relation to their products.




“We are responsible”: this fundamental Liebherr value comes into force the moment they design their fridges and freezers. They equip their appliances with high-quality components in order to achieve a long service life and reliable function as well as optimum energy efficiency and high levels of resource efficiency. They are committed to a sustainable economic framework for their employees, the environment and society at all levels and throughout their value chain, from procurement to recycling. That is why they have their production sites certified according to the international ISO standards for quality, energy and the environment and align ourselves with international social standards.



Energy Efficiency

By combining the most advanced electronics and the most highly efficient refrigeration systems, Liebherr offers an attractive, ultra-economical range of appliances in the highest energy efficiency classes, across all product groups. This protects the environment and is kind to your wallet.