Ice O Matic manufactures a High-Quality and top of the line Ice Machine and Ice Makers that are designed specifically to produce fantastic quality, crystal clear gourmet ice for cocktail bars, restaurants, cafes and other commercial establishments. This product includes a 24 months warranty to give you a peace of mind and full access to repairs and parts.

Our innovative, food-safe AgION® antimicrobial compound is permanently integrated into essential food-zone areas. This innovation safeguards the sanitation of the ice-making system. Our water filtration program eliminates unwanted taste and odor, which is a common problem with unfiltered ice machines. So Ice-O-Matic ice means pure ice every time. Our products are thoughtfully designed for simplicity.  Features like our easy-access cabinet, easy-to-clean ice-making system, and simple electromechanical controls make your life easier. Our ice machines are designed for unparalleled ease of operation, as well as quick diagnosis, maintenance, and service.


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