Fridge and Freezer

A commercial refrigerator freezer combines frozen and refrigerated storage for convenient access to your favourite frozen and refrigerated foods. These combination cabinets come in one or two parts and have a top-down or side-by-side design, depending on your storage needs. Choose from a variety of widths to ensure accurate storage space for your products. You can also save kitchen space for other appliances by combining the industrial freezer and refrigerator into one unit. Whatever the size of your restaurant's kitchen, we have a dual temperature commercial refrigerator freezer for you! Each compartment can be set to a different temperature to keep both frozen and refrigerated products at the correct storage temperature. You can also choose between solid doors and glass doors. Glass doors display fresh food, so they are likely to be used and are not wasted. Solid doors, on the other hand, are a slightly more durable option.

Use a commercial freezer to store both frozen products such as ice cream and meat and refrigerated products such as milk and eggs in the same unit.

Depending on how much room you need, choose from single or double units in various sizes, and try a side-by-side or top-and-bottom design. For more refrigeration units.

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