Euro Chill

Australia's Vaccine & Medical Fridge Experts
Euro Chill designs, builds and sells a vast range of vaccine fridges and medical fridges for all of Australia.

Their extensive range of vaccine and medical refrigerators are relentlessly trialled and tested to provide only the highest quality products. Ensuring what we distributed, either pre-built or custom modified, is engineered for long term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Euro Chill?
They are passionate about the refrigeration products & services we offer. Their success is driven by your satisfaction.

Extensive Product Range
They provide a wide range of sizes, temperature ranges, temperature recording, UPS options, USB Data loggers, security options and much more.

Extended Warranties
With their relentless commitment to quality, they confidently provide some of the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Reaching as high as 5 years on the premium models.

Industry Experts
30 years in the commercial refrigeration & 10 years in the medical sector. They have the experience to provide you expert advice and custom modify your fridge to suit your exact needs.

Comprehensive Servicing
Repairs & maintenance of all medical refrigerators Australia-wide. They can service almost any type of equipment in our industry.

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