Food Prep Stations

Providing both a large amount of storage space and a counter for preparing your dishes, or prep counters are ideal for any commercial kitchen, especially one short on space. We offer food prep counters that have a very large capacity refrigerated salad counter with Gastronorm storage area. This is perfect for any commercial establishment like cafes, cafeterias, bars and convenience stores. We have different brands for you to choose from and our products are guaranteed low prices.
$1,978.90 $1,529.15 + GST
SAVE $296.83

FED Two Door Salad Marble Prep Top - GNS900E

$3,003.00 $2,039.15 + GST
SAVE $759.93

FED Pizza Preparation Bench - TSB735

$2,638.90 $2,039.15 + GST
SAVE $395.83

FED Three Door Compact Salad Prep Top - GNS1300D

$2,584.89 $2,088.18 + GST
SAVE $287.89

Polar Counter 3 Door Fridge with Upstand 417 Ltr - DL915-A

$3,509.00 $2,379.15 + GST
SAVE $891.93

FED Pizza Preparation Bench - TSB1555

$4,147.00 $2,788.00 + GST
SAVE $1,080.20

FED Pizza Prep Bench - TPB1200