Keep Your Ice Cream Cold: The Best Options When It Comes To Frozen Treats

Keep Your Ice Cream Cold: The Best Options When It Comes To Frozen Treats

Ice cream may be considered one of the most versatile desserts on the planet. Not only is there traditional ice cream but there is ice cream cake and ice cream sandwiches. In addition, the possibilities for new and inventive ice cream flavors are endless. Almost any flavor can be infused into ice cream and this gives establishments a creative edge.

Whether you own a restaurant or a bakery, it’s possible that you offer a few frozen treats for your patrons which need to stay cool throughout the workday. There’s nothing people love more than strolling around in the summer and stopping for a scoop or two of ice cream, soft serve ice cream, or even gelato! It’s a great addition to your other goods whether you own a restaurant, a bakery or a coffee shop!

But you can’t store them in your other walk-in refrigeration units, since they need to stay colder than most of your perishables. You need a special unit, especially if you’re creating custom ice cream scoop combinations for your customers!

Whether you simply want to offer a quick and easy, cold treat or dream of expanding into a full scale gelato-making operation, OzCoolers is happy to walk you through the different types of commercial ice cream cabinets suitable for frozen desserts. Consider the space you have to work with and your customer base when it comes to deciding whether a soft serve machine, ice cream dipping case, or gelato display case is right for your business. Browse our selection of Ice Cream Freezers


Here Are a Few Types of Commercial Ice Cream Freezers and Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets to Choose From:

  • Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets 

Did you know that for a substance to be considered ice cream it must have a fat content of 10%? This is why ice cream isn’t quite as smooth as gelato tends to be. Because of this fat content, flavors are a bit less intense as the fat blocks the taste buds on the tongue. Ice cream is a creamy classic that many people favor over gelato and there is still a wide range of different flavors offered. An ice cream dipping cabinet acts as a freezer with an open top so ice cream containers are easily accessible. Customers can view individual bins of ice cream in order to choose their preferred flavor. These cabinets take up more space than a soft serve machine but offer a much wider variety of options.

  • Gelato Display Cases

Unlike ice cream, gelato is made with more milk than cream. Because of this, gelato’s flavors are strong and immediate. These flavors are often extremely unique – think Rosemary, Lavendar, Cucumber, Chestnut etc. Gelato display cases are sleek and will display your gelato flavors beautifully. These cases also take up a lot more space than a soft serve machine would so they are more of a commitment for your business. Each gelato pan is made of stainless-steel for easy clean up when it comes to switching out flavors.

  • Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines 

A soft-serve ice cream machine makes it easy for almost any restaurant or business to offer ice cream to their patrons. There is no need to renovate the design of your kitchen or store because soft-serve machines simple sit on top of any counter. Soft-serve ice cream machines are easy to operate because they make ice cream by using pre-made soft serve mixes. Some can even serve frozen yogurt. Although soft-serve ice cream machines are convenient and allow almost any establishment to add ice cream to the menu, there are a few drawbacks. Soft serve machines can usually only accommodate one or two flavors of ice cream and must be cleaned out regularly.

Here are some of the accessories which come with the ice cream freezers:

A frost top and the cold slab units:

The frost tops and the cold tiles help in providing a reliable cold work or the display area. These tops and tiles prevent the ice cream from melting during the serving time. The customers can also see you mixing the ice cream and the toppings. The customers are always attracted to the places where they can see the product. They can easily be fitted into a countertop display fridge. They are easy to clean as well.

Refrigerated ice cream topping rails:

The refrigerated topping rails are convenient for the syrup jars and the topping containers. They also have a dipping cabinet and a storage base underneath. The refrigerated topping rails made up of stainless steel. The stainless steel is durable, and it is easy to clean as well. The ice cream can be scooped easily with the railings help. You can add the toppings to the ice cream without moving to the other station. They are perfect for almost any ice cream parlor and even a restaurant.

Sneeze guards:

The contamination can be kept away from the ice cream with the help of sneeze guards. They are very efficient in blocking the external contaminants spoiling the ice cream.

The frost shields:

The taste of the ice cream can be ruined if the ice cream gets freezer-burnt. It can be prevented by having a frost protection. The guards can be installed quickly. These shields accumulate the frost and keep it from forming on the ice cream. The guards help to preserve the taste of the ice cream. They assist in keeping the ice creams fresh for a long time. The shields assist in maintaining the taste of the ice creams.

Can holders and the tub covers:

The can holders and the tub covers are useful in organizing the ice cream and keeping the place hygienic for the ice creams. There is always a chance of dripping the ice cream, and this can make the appliance dirty. The tub covers and the can holders can help in keeping the freezer clean.

Flavor tags:

The flavor tags assist in showing the customers all the flavors that you have to offer. The customers can choose the flavor easily. If the customers are allergic to any food product like nuts, then the flavor tag will tell them which flavors contain them.

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