Why Should You Choose An Energy Efficient Fridge?

You may wish to invest in energy efficient fridges because the power required for refrigeration can be the largest driver of your company's electric cost. Energy efficient fridges work around the clock to keep your food, flowers, and pharmaceuticals at the right temperature. Energy efficient fridges have also become more environmentally friendly by using R290 / 99g (natural refrigerant) in recent years, while still working at a professional level. Energy efficient fridges also meet the Greenhouse & Energy Minimum Standards (GEMs) which regulate energy efficiency and environmental performance in commercial refrigeration.

GEMS: Greenhouse & Energy Minimum Standards

GEMS is the foundation for regulating energy efficiency and environmental effects and is administered by E3 (Equipment Energy Efficiency), a program run by the government of Australia.

Many businesses struggle to evaluate the operational cost, lifespan value, and environmental impact of their fridges and freezers. Lack of clarity about running costs can lead to enormously excessive OPEX spending and environmental impacts. GEMS can help save your business a lot of money each year while also lowering its carbon footprint through these energy efficient fridges.

How Can I Lower My Energy Efficient Fridge’s Energy Consumption further?

Once you have an energy efficient fridge, proper use and maintenance are the best ways to sustain the energy-saving benefits of your investment. Performing basic routine maintenance is important for energy efficient fridges. We also encourage all owners to hire a professional commercial fridge service company for maintenance of their energy efficient fridges.

Energy Efficient Fridges are better for the environment.

You, your clients, and the globe we all share benefit from energy efficient fridges. They'll keep your food at the right temperature, using only the amount of power necessary. Energy efficient fridges could save you a lot of money in the long run. On top of all of this, your customers will appreciate that your products are well-preserved. An energy efficient fridge is a good choice for you and for the environment. Reach out to us today to learn more about the many energy efficient fridges that we have available.

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