Medical and Vaccine Fridges

Medical and Vaccine Fridges are specifically designed to meet the demanding temperature requirements for safe vaccine storage. With temperature ranges from +2°C to +8°C @ +10°C to +32°C room temperature and 60% humidity these Medical and Vaccine Fridges will securely store a wide range of vaccines, such as Influenza, rotavirus, and MMRV. In conjunction with NIST traceable thermometers, these Medical and Vaccine Fridges will provide you with the solution you need to meet CDC and VFC (Vaccines for Children) vaccine storage requirements.

Medical and Vaccine Fridges inevitably have an important role to play. If your unit breaks and you lose access to important medications or lab samples, you’re looking at a bigger problem.

In your search for the right Medical and Vaccine Fridges, you’ve got four main types to consider, Vaccine/Medical Fridges and Freezers, Breast Milk Fridges, Veterinary Fridges, and Botox Fridges. Here at OzCoolers, we supply reliable brands such as Euro Chill, ICS Pacific, and Bromic.

Any Medical and Vaccine Fridges you buy has to be equipped to do the job right. That means durability, consistency, and the right features to make sure you and your colleagues can trust the viability of the items you store at the moment you need them. 

Our wide selection of sizes and styles helps ensure you will find what you need when you browse our online inventory.  It is not easy to choose new medical equipment, but we are here to help with that. 

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