Husky products lead the world with their innovation and use of eco-friendly materials. Every detail, from the use of non-polluting refrigerants in individual appliances to the development of the trailblazing Intelligenzia range. APC Industries distributes the Husky product range nationwide, with products ranging from Commercial glass door display chillers, Undercounter chillers, Commercial Freezers, Bar fridges and many more. All Husky products are backed by a warranty ensuring peace of mind and value for money.Our products are perfect for any commercial application like bars, restaurants, cafes and many more.

All Husky products are designed with energy efficiency with features in mind such as LED lighting, self-closing double-glazed doors and using the maximum levels of high-performance pressure foam for superior insulation. This helps their products to have a little impact on the environment as possible and save you associated energy costs.  


$823.90 $680.91 + GST
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Husky Undercounter 130L SILVER Bar Fridge - HUS-CNSIL

$1,813.90 $1,499.09 + GST
SAVE $164.90

Husky Vino Pro 46 Btls Wine Storage Cabinet HUS-WC54S-BK-ZY

$1,923.90 $1,590.00 + GST
SAVE $174.90

Husky 154L Drinks Chiller in Black HUS-DC54-BK-ZY

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