SKIPIO is an international commercial refrigeration manufacturer with its headquarter in Seoul, Korea and manufacturing facilities in Korea and China. SKIPIO have long-term global experience and abundant knowledge in manufacturing, sales and technology for refrigeration. Skipio's expertise lies in the field of commercial refrigerated cabinets, bakery showcases, ice-makers, blast chillers, custom-made products, and so on. They have been expanding their product range over the years in order to fulfil all their clients’ commercial kitchen needs.

Skipio produces approximately 30,000 units per year with the most cutting-edge facilities and manufacturing equipment such as commercial fridges, commercial freezers along with mass production lines. With such high-tech equipment, we inspect and assess every single product thoroughly in our testing laboratory to make sure that our products meet the AUS/NZ standards.

SKIPIO manufactures products with a high level of efficiency and quality, and exports its products to five continents including 67 countries in Europe, Asia, America and so forth. We have built our reputation and trust in the global markets for years with our quality products, product performance and satisfactory after-sales service. Skipio's expertise lies in the field of commercial refrigerated cabinets, bakery showcases, ice-makers, blast chillers, custom-made products, and so on. We have been expanding our product range over the years in order to fulfil all our clients’ commercial kitchen needs.

Here at OzCoolers, we offer a wide range of Skipio commercial fridges and freezers. We have the perfect freshness solution for almost everyone with its freestanding, under-worktop or built-in range of refrigerators, freezers, ice machines and prep fridges. Refrigeration and freezing equipment from Skipio has had the mark of quality, reliability, and longevity for decades. Thanks to innovative technologies and high-quality materials, their equipment is particularly convenient and energy-efficient.  


DIGITAL TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM - Digital technology provides precise and constant temperatures throughout the cabinet. This allows food products to remain fresh over an extended period of time.

CONDENSATE WATER COOLING SYSTEM - Unique to Skipio products, our anti-corrosion pipes are coated on the surface with a special treatment, allowing the excess condensate water to cool down the pipe's holiest area during the refrigerant compression process. This not only saves energy but also allows the elimination of additional drains, which prevents the possibility of slippery floors becoming a safety issue.

DOOR OPENING ALARM - If the doors are not tightly closed, the refrigerator will not run. This would cause the cold air to escape through the opening, marking food products spoil inside the cabinet. To prevent this problem, our refrigerators are equipped with the Door Alarm System that will sound if the doors are left open for mom than 30 seconds.

60MM THICK HIGH-DENSITY WALL - To prevent heat transfer where it’s produced most (compressor room), Skipio designed a specially reinforced 60mm thick high-density wall 0 create a greater insulation effect and to also increase the overall efficiency.

EARLY WARNING SYSTEM - Malfunctions are generally recognized when an increase if the temperature is detected 2 to 3 hours after the refrigerator had stopped running. This causes the user to become aware of malfunction issues the next morning in which the contents may have already spoiled. To eliminate this, Skipio’s units have a warning system in place that diagnoses and monitor itself for risk factors, which gives early warning signals to allow for preserving contents and for preventing problems.

FAREWELL, FLUORESCENT LIGHT - Fluorescent lights emit an enormous amount of heat and consume more energy Skipio products use LEO lights to reduce energy consumption and to create greater lifespan. It also uses optimal light angles for enhancing its display effects.

SMART DEFROST SYSTEM - Generally, a refrigerator’s defrost timer defrosts automatically for a fixed length of time regardless of the existing conditions of the refrigerator. This makes it difficult to maintain a constant temperature and also consumes unnecessary energy Skipio’s Smart Defrost System analyzes its surrounding environments and defrosts only when it is needed for the required time. This not only saves energy but also keeps the contents of the refrigerator safe.

LARGER CONDENSERS - Refrigerators receive its cooling effect by discharging heat through the condenser. To achieve high efficiency in an environment (such as the kitchen) where temperatures are ambient and humidity is relatively high, it is important to increase the effectiveness of condensers. Skipio uses condensers that are 10~20% larger than the industry standard.

SELF-DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM - When a refrigerator breaks, it will immediately run a self-diagnosis to figure out what the problem is, saving both service time and unnecessary expenses that could have occurred by misdiagnosis. It also lows for broken parts to be replaced easily.

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