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High-Efficiency Display Fridges Available in Brisbane




Do you own or operate a restaurant, petrol station, or cafe in the Brisbane area? If so, you understand the need for reliable and efficient display fridges. OzCoolers has a large selection of refrigeration units to meet your business’s needs. Our refrigerators will keep perishable food such as sandwiches, lettuce, tomatoes, and meat fresher for longer, reducing food waste and operating costs. We carry many name brand units, including Skope and Polar.

Our Brisbane display fridges are spacious, allowing you to create eye-catching arrangements of what you have on offer. If you need a place to showcase deli items such as cakes, salads, pasta, sliced meat and more we have the refrigerator for you. We carry a large selection of upright refrigerators of varying sizes, making it easy for you to find the cooler that suits your space and budget. Additionally, we sell drop-in units which are installed in your countertops to save space and vibrantly showcase your cold food options.

Our units are sleek and modern looking and are sure to match your diner or convenience store’s aesthetic. If you are looking for a Brisbane display fridge, place an order with us today.

Order a Brisbane Display Fridge Online

We are an online retailer because we believe selling items online is the best way to serve our customers. You can inspect our products online, choose which display fridges in Brisbane you want, and order them with the click of a button. We ship anywhere in Australia, and we also offer you the option of pre-arranged collection on select items.

Selling online allows us to keep our prices low and pass savings onto our customers. If you find online display fridges that we carry at a lower price than what we offer, we will beat our competitor’s price by 5%. We are serious about offering the lowest prices online. We offer fast delivery service because we know you do not have time to wait around for your display fridges to arrive at your Brisbane location. We process every order within two hours of receiving it, and we have an extensive delivery network to avoid shipping delays.

We make every effort to keep our shipping rates low, please contact us should you require any additional support, and we will be happy to assist you with the delivery of your Brisbane display fridge.

Professional Customer Support

We understand that ordering display fridges for your Brisbane business online may be a new experience. After all, these units are a hefty investment, and you want to be sure that you are getting a product you can trust. However, every item we sell comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that is good for 12-36 months. Additionally, our friendly customer service staff members are highly knowledgeable about our products and are always willing to answer any questions or concerns you may have about our units.

For the best provider of a wide range of refrigerators and coolers, contact OzCoolers right away. We are happy to serve the refrigeration needs of businesses in the Brisbane area.