FED-X Series Commercial Refrigeration

F.H.E. has officially launched the FED-X Series Commercial Refrigeration!

FHE's FED-X line consists of brand-new, professionally built units with the most up-to-date features. The FED-X series will take pride in staying current and true to quality in today's hospitality.

This line features interiors and exteriors made from high-quality materials, with rounded corners for simple cleaning. They also have auto defrost features, with self-closing lockable doors with heavy-duty magnetic door seals. They are also equipped with 60mm HFC and CFC-free foam body insulation, user-friendly digital controls, interior illumination, Ebm-papst evaporator and condenser fans, and heavy-duty castors with front-wheel brakes.

Finally, it is tropicalised for Australian conditions, meaning it is designed to withstand greater ambient temperatures and relative humidity.

This collection includes the most cutting-edge commercial fridges and freezers, such as our new workbench fridge and freezer combo, which allows you to work while cooling or freezing stock, and our salad prep fridge, which keeps your cold food fresh.



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