Importance of Odor Control in Commercial Fridges

Importance of Odor Control in Commercial Fridges

A bad-smelling commercial fridge is a poor reflection on the hygiene and operations of the foodservice industry. Even if your commercial fridges aren't in a customer-facing position, they are still one of the most important representatives of your company - and should be treated with care.

Understanding the Importance of Odor Management

When a consumer opens a frozen foods cabinet and smells something unpleasant, they may reconsider returning to your store. Furthermore, even after the initial source has been removed, the odor can persist.

Even if your commercial fridges are not in direct contact with the customer, they are still one of the most important representatives of your business. A poor quality commercial fridge in a supermarket, restaurant or any other company in the catering industry is a poor reflection of the cleanliness and functioning of the facility.

Bad odors can develop in commercial fridges at any moment, and they don't always indicate poor cleanliness or stock control. There could have been a leak that your crew hasn't yet discovered, or something could have blown up during the last load-shedding period. The odour can persist long after you've removed the problematic object. It could also mean that mould or germs are growing in your commercial fridge, in which case you should take action right once.

3 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Fridge Odor-Free

Apart from rotating stock properly and swiftly removing anything that goes bad, it's also critical to clean the commercial fridge interior on a regular basis to maintain it fresh and sanitary.

Tip #1: Perform a Deep Clean on a Regular Basis

Emptying your commercial fridge and cleaning it properly every now and then is vitally necessary, and it is sometimes the only method to truly clean it and eliminate unwanted odors. Place all of the stock in a different commercial fridge or a temperature-controlled room, and clean the interior of the commercial fridge with warm soapy water. Allow it to dry out for a day or two by leaving it unplugged and open. Disinfect hinges and locks, as well as any apertures, using a disinfectant.

Tip #2: Rely on certain tried-and-true quick fixes

By spraying a vinegar and baking soda solution into the commercial fridge, you may get rid of odors. This scent neutralizer is well-known. After you've sprayed it inside the commercial fridge, quickly wipe it off and let it dry. After cleaning the commercial fridge, insert a tray of charcoal or clean cat litter in it as they are good scent absorbers. Bleach is usually effective when it comes to disinfecting the interior of the commercial fridge.

Tip #3: Make sure to check the coil

If the odour continues, it's possible that mold is growing on the internal coil. Remove the coil cover and clean it with soap and water after disconnecting the electricity.

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