Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Ice Machine?

Is It Time to Replace Your Commercial Ice Machine?

Commercial Ice Machine Maintenance

Is it time to get a new ice machine for your business? If you own a commercial machine, you've probably asked yourself this question at least once.

Unfortunately, there is no simple reason why your ice machine isn't producing ice. There are a lot of variables that go into manufacturing ice, which means there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your machine.

When it comes to ice producing equipment, there are a few things to think about.

What is the temperature of the room?

If your ice machine is being used in a commercial kitchen or any other high-temperature section of your business, it may struggle. In fact, most ice machines are graded based on how well they function in 32°C temperatures. Ice machine production might reduce by up to 30% while creating ice in high temperatures.

When the ambient temperature is too hot, water temperatures rise, and your ice machine takes longer to bring the water to ice-making temperatures. As a result, buying an ice machine that creates more ice than you'll need on a regular basis is a good idea.

Is There Enough Room to Move?

For optimal ice production, every air-cooled ice machine head and under-counter ice machine requires six inches of space. Most ice machine manufacturers recommend that ice machines have at least eight inches of clearance. It won't be able to take in enough air to keep the condenser cool if it doesn't have enough room to work. Your ice machine's ice generating power will diminish if the condenser is not cool. To get the most out of your ice machine, always follow the manufacturer's minimum clearance recommendations.

Do You Have Scale Buildup?

Along the way to your machine, water may take up small, microscopic minerals. Mineral deposits might be left along the way and accumulate in your equipment over time. Your ice maker will produce ice in a less efficient manner. One of the most prevalent causes of ice machine failure is scale buildup. Scale building can be reduced and prevented with the use of a good water filter, as well as eliminated with the use of scale removal products.

Is the Condenser Dirty? 

Your ice machine's condenser coils are normally located beneath the vents on the sides or top of the unit. Warm air is drawn out and away from your ice maker through these vents, allowing it to create ice more easily and keeping the unit cold. These coils, on the other hand, might gather dust, filth, and grease, preventing heat from being transferred away from the ice maker. Dust and filth can be easily removed with a wet towel with little effort. If the problem is grease accumulation, a more thorough cleaning is required, which normally involves the use of a cleaning solution or chemical if the situation is particularly serious.

Is there a water shortage?

Making ice necessitates the use of water. So, if your machine isn't making ice, make sure your water supply is properly connected and supplying water to your machine.

If the water is warmer, your ice machine may take longer to make ice. Water used in your ice machine should be kept at a temperature of 10°C.

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